Courtney Taskowitz

United States  


"I took a literature class with Professor Lara Mirkin. It was the first time that I had ever learned anything about magical realism, in Latin-American literature. Professor Mirkin taught with such passion, and enthusiasm that made us want to learn more about the subject. She also spoke very clearly so that students at each level of Spanish speaking would understand. Good professors are incredibly hard to find, and Professor Mirkin is one of them."


Grayson Holland


"My time in class with Professor Mirkin transformed the way that I think about the literature, history, and cultural expressions of Latin America. Her extensive knowledge of the subjects challenged me to think deeply and sparked my interest to learn more. I have taken everything I learned from Professor Mirkin's class, both the practical and abstract, and applied it to my current studies, and I cannot recommend her enough!"


Sarah Decker


"Lara is a fabulous professor. She inspired me to learn more about the cultural world of Latin America. Through famous texts, she taught me the customs of Latin Americans. I learned so much about literature and Latin American life from her."


​"If you are looking for a teacher who thinks outside the box, look no further. Lara was my teacher, friend, and confidante for a semester abroad in Buenos Aires. When I remember my time there, I imagine her smiling face. Sometimes it is laughing at me and other times it is expressing the deepest, friendliest concern in my learning and understanding. I went to Stanford for undergrad and now attend a graduate program in creative writing at NYU. Lara is as good a teacher as I've had."​​


Wiley Birkhofer

United States

Anne Nalin




Nicole Dunaway


J'ai aimé découvrir la littérature argentine et latino-américaine avec Lara. Elle a su, grâce à une certaine manière d'en parler, mettre en ambiance les auteurs et leurs textes : les lieux, les époques et les gens qui les habitent; afin que chacun puisse s'en imprégner. De retour en France, je pense encore souvent à ces cours, et à ces textes que nous avons étudié : les rues de Buenos Aires décrites par Borges, le barrio Once et sa mixité culturelle, les longues plages de Mar del Plata de Alfonsina Storni …


Eric Wien

United States

The Latin American literature class that I took with Lara Mirkin was very informative and fun!  She really tried to make the classes an opportunity to discuss the literature and act it out.  I learned a lot in this class that really helped me in other classes and she did a great job conveying many of the important themes to each famous literary movement.  I strongly recommend Lara Mirkin as a professor and as a guide!


Taking Argentine Literature classes with Lara was a wonderful - and essential - part of my Buenos Aires experience. Her classes are tailored to fit everybody's specific needs; in my case, we were a group of four friends and we wanted to take a comprehensive Lit. course - something that would give us an overall idea of Argentine literature, from it's official beginnings with 'El Matadero' in the early XIX century, to contemporary writers on the recent military dictatorship.
Lara's course was a perfect blend of reading the material (in class and at home), listening to her mini-lectures, discussing it as a group, writing essays on the work, and once again, coming together to talk about what we had written, learned and appreciated.
Lara Mirkin is a highly-qualified teacher of Argentine literature, and an extremely intelligent woman; add to all this the fact that she wears a permanent smile on her face, and is one of the most 'simpatica' Argentines I met - I cannot imagine that her 'caminatas literarias' will not be a huge success!


Alexandra Pierlott


​Taking Lara’s Latin American Literature class enriched my study abroad experience in Buenos Aires! She transmitted her love of the stories and poems we read to me, and I learned to love them as well. Although at first reading some of them were hard for me to grasp, after class I always felt that I had thoroughly understood and gained a new insight about Latin American culture. I learned not only how to read better in Spanish with Lara but also how rich Latin American culture is, as demonstrated by its Literature. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking an enriching experience. Happy reading!