The Buenos Aires of Cortázar

Neighborhood: Agronomía


In this walk we visit the popular neighborhood of Agronomía, including the Park. I recommend that you dress comfortably so we can sit on the grass if we want and read a short story by Julio Cortázar. We visit one of his houses and the area where this middle-class intellectual became one of the most famous writers in Latin America.​

Agronomía Neighborhood



Agronomía is a neighborhood in the heart of Buenos Aires. It gets its name from the Facultad de Agronomía (Agronomy School) of the University of Buenos Aires, which is located there. Near the park, there is a place called “Barrio Rawson”. The houses, the trees and buildings are different to any other place in Buenos Aires. It was here that some of the short stories of Julio Cortázar were inspired.

Agronomía Park

Enjoy nature and fresh air in Agronomy Park, designed to provide places far from the noise and intensity that characterizes much of the city of Buenos Aires. You will feel immediately as if you were in the middle of the Pampa. The place is enormous and it has lots of little paths where we will walk. Also, we will sit on the grass and read a short story by Cortázar.


Julio Cortázar 's house


A notable building is the former house of Julio Cortázar, who lived in an apartment during 1934 and 1951 with his mother and sister. There is a street in the neighbourhood which is named after him.